Missing vs. Runaway

Last week, social media erupted with the news of over 30 children going missing within a 24-hour time frame in and around the nation’s capital. What was even more startling was the silent media that did not treat the information as newsworthy content.

They’re just missing children.

To add to the insult, law enforcement have labeled the children as runaways, despite public outcry for answers. So the question is: How can so many children conspire to run away and no one can locate them? This occurrence is not just unique to the Washington, D.C. area. A report about a missing 12-year-old girl developed out of Laurens County, South Carolina. Less than 24 hours later, the search was called off, the girl was labeled a runway and state resources were halted.*

After each cancelled search, I tried to think about a child in my life who is the same age as one of the missing. I think about how tiny, vulnerable and unequipped they are at tackling life at that age. Sure, a 17-year-old may know how to maneuver through life. However, a 12-year-old cannot possibly do so and if an adult is willing to argue against that fact, they are the problem.

For those concerned about these “runaways,” we want answers.

Could the number of recent sex trafficking stings that have saved hundreds of children be a potential link to the rise in missing children?

As soon as a sex trafficking operation is discovered, missing children skyrocketed. This would explain why children are disappearing and the law enforcement’s quickness to label them as runaways. It’s almost as if they already knows the fate of each child, which inadvertently reveals a sex trafficking system that cannot be controlled. However, labeling children as runaways in order to protect law enforcement, takes that missing child’s innocence away in the same manner as a sex trafficker.

It’s inexcusable.

Fortunately, citizens’ determination to warn one another, establish a plan of action and put a face to each of the missing reveals a society that is more proactive than its law enforcement and media. Technology makes us all news broadcasters and we set the agenda of importance within the digital world. We are not afraid to show the world that even in our advance society, a pedophilic system of child sex trade is valued and safeguarded more than protecting our own children.

No child is ever truly safe. Therefore, it is up to the ones who truly care about their innocence and safety to protect them from the world.

These children are not runaways. They are missing.


* The 12-year-old from Laurens County was found safe.

Author: Chris.Marie

Freelance Writer & Editor

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