Reflection: Lessons and Teachings

The first day of the year is usually reserve for reflection. I joked on Facebook that last year theme was “broke,” but my new theme is “healing.” I don’t know what 2017 has in store for me, but the following 10 lessons will guide me through each challenge and success:

  1. Make a Plan A, B and C for every one situation; planning is always necessary.

We all want Plan A to work the first time around, but sometimes it is not enough to accomplish the goal. Even when we take the necessary steps, things may not fall into place how we envision. There are always two options: keeping working towards the goal or give up. The sad reality is that many of us choose to give up when we should push forward. Keep planning the next move.

  1. Depend more on your higher power.

Power moves us through life. For me, the single power within myself is never enough. So, I have learned to call on powerful sources  for confidence, ideas and control, to name a few. Even though our higher powers may change from one individual to the next, the outcome is relatively the same-to produce our desires.

  1. You are the only person who can truly make you happy.

This fact was revealed in a tarot session. In the past I would try to find happiness in other individuals. When they could not accomplish this difficult task, I would be hurt and depressed. People can add to your happiness, but cannot make you happy. We must fulfill that task alone.

  1. Money will disappear somehow, so buy that concert ticket or take a vacation.

This year I attended many concerts, traveled and splurged for my own enjoyment. I experienced so many amazing moments and felt, for the first time, that I was making the most of my life.

  1. Make more plans alone and stop looking for company.

I spent a lot of time alone in 2016 and grew to understand my strengths and weaknesses. Placing myself in uncomfortable situations made me depend on my own feelings. If I did not enjoy a particular situation, I could easily alter it to match my needs. My alone time was never truly lonely. In fact, I simply separated myself from what was familiar-my friends and family.

  1. Peace can be created.

For every negative there is a positive; every bad is countered by a good. In other words, when we identify the positive in every bad experience we create opportunities for peace.

  1. However, it’s okay to dwell in your sadness.

Somethings take time to get over. We would love to be unaffected by everything that goes wrong, but emotions make us human. Cry whenever necessary and feel hurt about situations that bring pain into your life. The key is identifying a way to move beyond your sadness to get back to enjoying life.

  1. Stay true to you.

Wouldn’t you want every moment to speak to your truth? It is easier and more enjoyable to be yourself. Every time I tried to be another person, life always had a funny way of forcing me to be myself.

  1. Trust the signs.

We ask for signs, we get them. There are symbols placed in our life that warns or motivates us to act. From the three crows that flew around me to dreams to paranormal experiences I cannot explain, I learned that when we ask, we definitely receive.

  1. Never give up on the top goal.

Anxiety and depression plagued me regularly throughout the year. However, I found that many things that mentally affected me were not align with my main goals. I constantly had to remind myself of what I was working towards. If I found myself getting down about certain situations, I simply took a lesson from number #1-9.

The new year is a new start. So ,remember to make every moment count…NOW.

Happy New Year!

Author: Chris.Marie

Freelance Writer & Editor

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