Power & Control: The Job Search.

Even the poorest man with no shelter or money has control over some aspect of his life.

Graduate school is officially behind me and I am reminded daily of my place in the real-world. If not by love ones questioning my unemployment and lack of funds, then from bill collectors who incessantly call to remind me of bills that I have lacked to fund. Fortunately, concern has not swept me into a state of despair just yet. In fact, I have taken my newly unemployed graduate position with stride.

Each day starts off pretty much the same. My alarm still goes off at 7 AM, two cups of coffee are consumed by 9 AM and I list out a daily “to-do” list to keep myself busy. So no, I am not wasting my time away or sulking over my unemployment status because these are situations that I can control and cannot control.

Everyone possesses some type of power, rather large or small. Even the poorest man with no shelter or money has control over some aspect of his life. Instead of directing my energy to situations that I cannot influence, such as a response to a job application, I focus my time and attention on the controllable aspects, such as consistency, accuracy and positivity.

Now some people may say that we can directly affect our outcomes.

Which is true, but take a job for instance.

You want to work for an agency as an account manager. Simply putting in a resume and hoping that someone will respond will not get you the job. So, along with the resume, you might also reach out to someone at the agency, set up an informational meeting, create some work to present for free and send many follow-up emails. You create a picture that will appear to work in your favor, but in reality you still have a 50 percent chance of getting the position.

We can control some aspect of the situation and still not get the answer we want. So what can you do in these situations? Well the answer for me is consistency, accuracy and positivity.

The job hunt requires the power of consistency.

Everything you want in life will not fall into place smoothly. We all seen the job search woes that flood our social media feeds; either people are struggling to enter their desire career fields or had given up completely. However, I rarely see discussions about the amount of time devoted to securing an actual job. How many applications are you submitting daily? What skills are you teaching yourself, in the meantime, to make yourself marketable? The answers to these questions depend on consistency.

Employment is not instant. Truth be told, many people are hired through established connections. You have no connections? Well, consistency will require you to obtain some type of network as soon as possible. Consistency can work in many scenarios from losing weight to paying off debt, but cannot work without the power of accuracy.

Accuracy requires timeliness and efficiency. Accuracy is the closest thing to truth, in my opinion.

I am starting to think that positivity is a skill that not everyone is willing to master.

Staying on the topic of jobs, a graphic designer would not apply for non-creative positions. It’s not only counterproductive, but not a goal in which the graphic designer hopes to accomplish. Although the act of applying has to be consistent, the essence decreases when we devote attention to factors that are not aligned with our interests and desires. This is where accuracy comes into play.

Last, but not least, consistency and accuracy cannot move forward without the power of positivity. I am starting to think that positivity is a skill that not everyone is willing to master. However, to the ones that choose to do so, life is a playground. We may fall and some obstacles may become too challenging, but we never let these factors sour our experience.

You will experience more rejection than acceptance in your job search. A positive mindset pushes you forward, while consistency and accuracy ensure that you have someplace to move.

Truly, I know that I am consistent, accurate and positive in my job hunt. Therefore, I do not have time to concern myself with powers that are out of my control.

In other words, I am enjoying unemployment.

Author: Chris.Marie

Freelance Writer & Editor

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