Tackling Thanksgiving as a couple…

Thanksgiving is here, which means food, family and fun times. Despite all the events that have transpired this year, the American Thanksgiving will go on as usual. However, if you are doing Thanksgiving as a “couple,” you may find yourself dreading the day.

Meeting the family is an event laced with fear, anxiety and strong desires to get through the day fast. We will all experience this at least once in our lifetime, and the one true solution is to just drink. But of course, you cannot drink the entire day away, so here are seven things that can also help:

Know what non-alcoholic beverages mixes well with liquor.

Sure, drinking is not the only solution, but it is the most important one. We have to know that beer (of a lighter selection) looks like ginger ale and apple juice in a glass, tea mixes well with brown liquor and vodka is odorless.


I live in the south, which means that we do not openly drink inside the house unless we are skilled in covering it up. So, if one masters this ability, they can get through any family event and know exactly what to say if some asks about the substance in your cup. Think of it as a passcode.

Depend on the elderly. 

Claim a spot next to the oldest person in the room. They may ask many questions and talk a great deal in the beginning, but they are usually nice and appreciative of your company. The plus: they usually fall asleep unexpectedly giving you time to peruse your social media feeds freely.

Note: Please avoid grandmas of all types: glam-ma, grams, grandmas and great-grandmas. We actively seek grandmas out during Thanksgiving.

Don’t eat anything you have not tried in the last two years.

Thanksgiving is not the time to be adventurous. If everyone is shaking their heads no, then follow suit.


Make sure your phone is fully charge or at least bring a charger.

This is self-explanatory. The holiday has a way of draining phone batteries without warning. When you’re not socializing, you don’t want to find yourself staring into space or counting down time.

Don’t annoyingly depend on your boo the entire time. Everyone will think that you are crazy because you will look crazy.


I am guilty of being “that woman” who clings with all my might out of fear that I would be left alone with the family. This fear usually dies after a couple of hours (or visits depending on the family), but the feeling is pure terror. However, we have to let our partners enjoy their family.  Sit in your corner with the oldest aunt and drink your cocktail that looks like tea.

HOWEVER, if your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you to go someplace with them, do not look so damn relieved.

I love being needed. I love being needed even more during family events. If they want to show you off to their grandma or uncle, put on your best charm and relish in the comfort of your love without looking crazy.

Remember Thanksgiving is just for one day. If you survive this, you can survive any holiday.

If you make it, what is the reward? Leftover take out plates, a buzz and potentially more partying. Everyone knows Thanksgiving is the pre-game to a better night. So, suck it up, put on your best smile and enjoy yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving! 






Author: Chris.Marie

Freelance Writer & Editor

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