Thanksgiving talk: The election

The election is still newsworthy conversation. Sure we want to discuss Trump’s victory less, but many of us are still trying to cope with the results. With the holiday season approaching, some are hoping to put a pause election talk. However, the holidays may fuel the conversation even more.

The first day up: Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is often reserved as the day to stray from diets and health-conscious decisions. We overlook social media posts that condemns the holiday to post plates of food worthy of a televised eating contest.

Unlike any other holiday, Thanksgiving is one that is socially viewed as the day where families come together to give thanks to each other. However, this Thanksgiving will be different. For many, this Thursday will bring many Trump supporters and non-supporters together for the first time since the election.

The Read addressed this issue after receiving a letter from a listener in the Bi Bi Bi episode. He was a white, gay man who needed advice on how to handle the election discussion during dinner. Both of his parents were Trump supporters and as a gay man who was also bringing two black friends home, the entire situation seemed exhausting.

My office brought up a similar situation during the morning coffee break. This time the perspective was from a Trump support who could not understand why families would mix Thanksgiving with the election. The co-worker felt that the holiday needed to be fun and reserved for family time. Although it was an image we all hope to achieve, the present state of the country was far from one of glee, even with holidays like Thanksgiving and Black Friday approaching.

“Why would you want to talk about Trump?”

Many writers and social media influencers have avidly worked to inform the society about “privilege.” Even with a plethora of accessible information, many still use their privilege without any contentions or consideration for those who cannot step within its boundaries.

Privilege blinds one from understanding why families need to discuss the elections this Thanksgiving. Privilege looks passed the fact that many underrepresented people will have to sit across from love ones that did not consider them long-term. Privilege refuses to recognize or acknowledge the blatant hate crimes, attacks and groups that have escalated since Trump won the election.

We, the underrepresented groups, will need to discuss the election during Thanksgiving because we need to understand how our families, who did not support us, will finally support us post-election. The un-priviledged and underrepresented sees Thanksgiving as an opportunity to be heard.

Thanksgiving, and holidays that bring us together, can motivate people to come together for their families within a divided nation. Sure we may not listen to the media or our co-worker, but we can listen to our niece or brother-in-law.

So yes, we are hoping these discussions happen.


Author: Chris.Marie

Freelance Writer & Editor

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