“Trust the Process”

There is no way to instantly have everything you want in life. If you want to fall in love, pay off debt or purchase a home, you have to achieve the smaller goals first.

Although minor in importance, the smaller successes provide the assistance we need to move closer to the major things we want in life. So if you want love, you date and grow to understand yourself until you meet that special person. You spend less so you can put more money towards bills and your future home.

Major goals are not a “one step to success” kind of process. It takes time; however, celebrating the small successes along the way can make your main goal feel near and provide the motivation you need to push ahead.

Small goals are important.

Small accomplishments are not as exciting. No one cares about the job interview as much as the job offer, especially when the end goal is the job. However, an interview or the “you didn’t get the job” email that recognizes your talent is an achievement (especially in situations where 100+ people apply for one position). Small goals are just as important and instead of tossing them aside, we can acknowledge its positive influence in our lives.

So what you didn’t get the job. The job was probably not the right fit; you may have underrepresented your talents; or, life had something better in store for you-this list can go on. If you remain dedicated to your main goal, you are achieving and moving ahead.

 Focus on the small goals that will help you get to the bigger goal.

Even though I feel that we should celebrate our smaller achievements, appreciating my small goals was once a struggle. I am a full-time graduate student who is ready to take on my desired career. Like, right now. The problem with doing so is that I want to work tomorrow as if my classes and internship are non-existent.

Each day that bought me closer to graduation fueled my drive to obtain a position. I once valued the idea of obtaining my masters, but the desire changed and I soon wanted a job more than anything. Hours I should have spent studying or doing assignments were replaced with writing and revising cover letters and resumes.

 Ignoring your small goals can add to your stress.

Losing sight of my main goal caused feelings of stress and confusion. Each decision that did not align with my main goal, negatively impacted my life. Rather than crumbling under the weight of worry, depression and emotional instability, I forced myself to focus back on my goal of graduating by December. I had to silence the feeling of failure because obtaining a masters is a great achievement, even through a prospective job did not exist.

You cannot get ahead by skipping over the small goals.

Skipping the small details of your main goal is not possible; even if it could happen, the cost is a loss of appreciation. I truly appreciate my journey. The tears and frustration makes the goal so much more important.

When I focused my attention back on graduation, life started to mellow out. Of course, I still have feelings of doubts with my job search, but I remain hopeful about the future. Everything cannot happen overnight and if it did, finding something to live for would seem impossible. Every moment matters to your bigger picture.

As someone once told me: “You have to trust the process.”

It will work out.

Author: Chris.Marie

Freelance Writer & Editor

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