If you want to know why Black Lives Matter, Google It

I will not have conversations about Black Lives Matter with individuals who are not Black. I honestly do not see a need to do so because they cannot possibly understand how it feels to be Black in America.

Just last week, I was pulled over for speeding and instantly started to panic. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking so bad that I struggled to get my driver’s license out of my wallet. It was not until I saw that the police officer was Black that I relaxed and allowed his calm tone to settled my nerves. While others, outside of the Black community, may become annoyed at a cop pulling them over, I immediately felt that something could go wrong.

Within the last two weeks, the Black community dealt with the deaths of Keith Lamont Scott, Terrence Crutcher and Tyre King. Immediately, Black Lives Matter oppositionists tried to seek out reasons for each of these deaths.  Preconceived notions about Black on Black crime (like White on White crime does not exist) and the inability to comply with police demands where used to support why the murders occurred. They failed to see wrong in the cops’ actions that did not allow the victims to even have a chance.

If they did not see a video of that person, who was not Black, being shot while watching the morning news and drinking their coffee, then their opinions do not matter.

Can we even have a chance?

We peacefully protest and we are wrong.

We riot and we are wrong.

We comply and we are still wrong. So how should we live?

For me, I will continue to live as I please. That means standing up for injustices that Black people face daily, loving my people with every part of me and proudly wearing my Blackness every second of my life.

It is not my job to make people outside of our community understand the issues that Black people are facing. It is, however, my job to bring members within my community together and to destroy separatism.

If people refuse to recognize why Black Lives Matter more than all lives and blue lives, tell them to turn on the television or pull up a video of someone being shot by the police that is not Black. Make sure it is a video that has been placed on major news channels and social media websites. If they did not see a video of that person, who was not black, being shot while watching the morning news and drinking their coffee, then their opinions do not matter.

There are now news stories revealing that Black people are starting to develop PTSD-like symptoms because we are viewing these violent videos of Black people being murder by police. Can people outside of the community honestly say that they are dealing with the same issues?

I am pretty sure the answer is no.

So, someone can attempt to draw me into a Black Lives Matter conversation. However, if they do not deal with the constant struggles of being Black, we have nothing to discuss.

Google your answer.


Author: Chris.Marie

Freelance Writer & Editor

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