iOS 10 and iPhone 7: Does Apple Really Love Us?

iOS 10 released on September 13 and according to Apple it was the “biggest iOS release ever.” Many of the iPhone features were enhanced and has identified 23 new things iPhone users can look forward to with this update.

Even though Apple is working to keep us excited about their brand, support is starting to divide.The unveiling of the iPhone 7 with its cordless headphones made us question if the brand really knew its customers. Many people immediately freaked out over the idea that the AUX cord could potentially disappear and Apple was the one to make it happen. While we were still trying to make sense of this change, iOS 10 was released and phones started “bricking”.

Apple probably planned for something to go wrong but probably never expected for it to actually occur, but it did. When customers updated their phones with iOS 10, some were successful while others not so much. In fact, while skimming through my Facebook feed, I could quickly identify the winners, the losers and the fearful.

The winners were able to download the update without any issues, they boasted about the features and they paraded their joy down social media feeds.


The losers, on the other hand, faced the dreaded black screen of death. According to The Verge, the bug only affected a small amount of users and Apple resolved the issue within a few hours. However, the damage was done. One of my Facebook friends experienced this and when she was unable to find a solution, she purchased an Android phone.

Source: @MKBHD/Twitter

Within the last couple of days, I have had discussion with people who admitted to not downloading the update because they were afraid something bad would happen. With so many varying responses in the media, consumers are viewing this update as a risk and it is one they do not want to take. One of my Facebook friends noted that he was not going to download the update out of fear that he would lose his music; a list comprised of 2,000 songs. His feelings are validated.

How many of us refused to delete pictures and songs, even when our memory is full? It is painful to let go because these things are personal to us. So, if an update is going to wipe those memories in less than 10 minutes, the fearful will not take that chance. At least for now.

This perception is very different for Apple supporters, who are typically loyal and responsive to this brand. When Apple unveils a new product, we toss perfectly good phones to the side for a new, slicker one that functions just the same as our old devices.

However, with the unveiling of the iPhone 7 and release of iOS 10, it is clear to see that Apple is pissing its consumer base off. First with a questionable update and next, with the iPhone 7 that will require customers to purchase an attachment in order to use traditional headphones.


I’m not sure if Apple considered activities such as working out or uncontrollable dancing, but their old headphones could not even handle these simple tasks without falling out. I do not know where Apple is going with this, but I need for it to really consider the emotional rollercoaster that it is placing its customers in.

The iPhone 7 releases on September 16 and the update is available for download now.

If you are like me, you are probably being bombarded with notifications on all of your Apple devices.

To update or not…that is the question.



Author: Chris.Marie

Freelance Writer & Editor

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