August Sound: Bas

too high to riotEver heard something so good that your immediate response was to tell someone?

That is exactly what I did after listening to Bas’ sophomore album Too High to Riot. Released in March 2016, time could not play down the relevancy of this work. Each of the 12 tracks delivers 37 minutes of good, quality hip-hop.

Bas is from New York and is signed under J. Cole’s Dreamville Records, so the success of this album is expected. Even though Bas started his rap career in 2010, his bars and delivery are seasoned.


Bas starts the album with “Too High to Riot” and the  first verse leaves no questions about his feelings towards the government and the treatment of its people. “F**k all the leaders that’s too high off power/ They do all the lying and treat us like prisoners…Like if I speak on it would people go buy it?/ F**k it just do it for self, I am demand and supplier” he spits.

Bas is conscious, but does not identify as a political rapper. In an interview with Mashable, Bas notes that he is aware of racial issues within the world, but is not trying to become a savior; that task is impossible. “I can’t have the façade that I’m living every day like I’m trying to change the world,” Bas told Mashable.

Bas is conscious, but does not identify as a political rapper.

You cannot deny truth.

And truth and realism flows through each track. Some of my favorite songs are Penthouse, Black Owned Business, Live For and two songs that feature The Hics, Matches and Ricochet.

Bas recently wrapped up his sold out Too High to Riot Tour that featured Cozz, Earthgang, The Hics and Ron Gilmore. The success of this second album is difficult to gauge because Bas is still relatively new and Dreamville Records is not concern with album sells. What I do know is that this album is worth the time, money and replay.

Listen to Bas’ “Night Job” featuring J. Cole:

Author: Chris.Marie

Freelance Writer & Editor

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