Facebook and Instagram: The ultimate opportunists

Facebook and its adoptive spawn Instagram are nabbing again. In this ever evolving technological era, companies do not necessarily have to create original, innovative work. Instead, many tech companies are choosing to tweak competitors’ creations, rather than going through the hassle of crafting their own. We have seen nabbing play out publically with companies like Samsung and Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, and any company with a small following that has fallen victim to Facebook.

Facebook recently implemented a live video feature on its network after seeing the success of Twitter’s Periscope and Meekrat. Both of these apps are still relatively new, but have gained success within a short amount of time with live streaming. Seeing live stream as a feature that users enjoy, Facebook slither its way into the competition pool a couple of months ago.

Facebook did not stop there. Instagram just announced its new feature “Snapchat Instagram Stories,” which basically offers the same disappearing features as Snapchat; representatives from Instagram refuse to admit this fact (good public relations right?).

Similar to Facebook, Instagram is no stranger to nabbing ideas. Remember Vine? In 2013, Instagram introduced 15 second videos to compete with its rival Vine’s six second clips. Although Vine’s fall from popularity was not immediate, we must admit that many people are no longer “doing it for the vine.”

Even though everyone is aware of Facebook and Instagram’s actions, we still flood their sites daily. We know that Instagram and Facebook nabbed Snapchat, but here are reasons as to why this will be successful:

Instagram already has a large following of users.

400 million active users to be exact according to Adweek, which is significantly larger than Snapchat’s  100 million daily users. That is now 400 million active users who no longer need to close out of Instagram to create a Snapchat story. Also, we must remember that attention is valuable. You might only have 50 people following you on Snapchat, but 1,000 people on Instagram. When considering attention, Instagram is more appealing.

Instagram will get people to do what Snapchat could not.

There are people who will not use Snapchat and then there are people who have a Snapchat, but are unsure about how to use it daily. These are the people who will gravitate to Instagram first, especially if they already use the app. People may not know what Snapchat is, but there is really no excuse for Instagram.

Instagram is eliminating the need to leave. 

There is photo editing, video and now Instagram stories. Who needs Vine, photo enhancing apps or Snapchat?

Snapchat does not have the longevity and attraction that Instagram has…YET.

No explanation needed. Snapchat still has some growing to do and Instagram just challenged its progress.

Although nabbing is wrong, we cannot look down on companies like Facebook and Instagram for its practices. Tech companies are trying to gain attention and likes, similar to that of the consumer. The tech world is truly the survival of the fittest and there is one company that is consistently succeeding.

It is Facebook.

Facebook is still winning.

Author: Chris.Marie

Freelance Writer & Editor

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