June’s Sound: Jennah Bell



Spotify knows music. If you do not have Spotify, you probably are unfamiliar with its Discover Weekly playlist. Introduced in 2015, the Discover Weekly playlist is a combination of songs that are built around your musical taste. The playlist is updated every Monday  and listeners are presented with a mix of music that often times lead to the discovery of new artists.

While listening to the playlist, “John Forbid” by Jennah Bell started to play and I instantly fell in love with the song. The song instantly drew me in, captivating me with its words and sound. The sweetness and innocence that flew through my earbuds changed my mood for the entire day and I had only listened to one song.

It should be noted that I am extremely selective with music. I have come across many albums with only one great song, but I am always willing to give every artist a fair chance. With that being said, I located Jennah Bell’s “Anatomy” album and I became an instant fan.

The album can only be described as “beautiful”.

It is rare to come across an artist that can put together a beautiful mix of music, especially in a technological era where quality is being hampered because of the mass production of music. The musical vibe is a mix of indie and folklore, but sticking Bell into a particular genre is difficult.

This post cannot capture this album’s awesomeness and I highly recommend that everyone listens to it at least once (if that is even possible), especially if you are looking for a new, innovative sound.

Jennah Bell’s Anatomy is available on Spotify and can be purchased on iTunes for only $4.95.

Author: Chris.Marie

Freelance Writer & Editor

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